Blending Game Jam - 2nd ed. 2017

The Blending Game Jam is a multi-medium game jam organized by the Bbug and Hands Can Dance. You take a typical game jam, and you blend it with boardgames, cardgames and every other kind of games. Fun guaranteed!

What is a game jam ?

A Game Jam is an event usually for video game creation over a specific period of time. In practice, this means that the participants will form teams and create video games on a given topic, all in less than 2 days. A Game Jam is a good way to learn about the creation process of games, improve your coding skills, try out new ideas, meet other enthusiasts and build your professional network.

Been there, done that... (What's different this time ?)

Like last year, this jam is also open to every other kind of games creators (card board games, wargames, role-playing games and so on). It's quite logical actually ; those two communities have a lot in common ; obviously the love of games, interest in game design and, of course, quite often a will to create awesome stuffs and share it to the world. Who knows ? Maybe you'll meet perchance an awesome game designer or coder who is the perfect person for your future studio.

Second, and thanks to our partner, the Bifff (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival), you'll be able to show your prototype during their festival (both in the lobby and on stage) and pitch it against the competition for a chance to win the audience award. While it has never been so affordable to create a game, it has become very hard to advertise efficiently your project amongst the numerous games that are being made each year. Seize this opportunity to test thoroughly and promote your idea in front of a lot of people.

Third, VR gears will be available on site during the jam thank to Screen.Brussels and the Microsoft Innovation Center - Brussels. Also Google (yes, Google!), will give ten Card Boards for the event. There is no excuse not doing some VR stuff!

Finally, Ludilab will give a talk about game design and then empower your team.

Thank you everybody, this second event was a big succes. Check out the prototypes on and come to see the best game award at the Bifff room 3, the 13rd of April from 18:00 till 20:00.

Where ?

Like last year, this event will take place at Factory 40.

Rue des anciens étangs 40
1190 Forest

Thanks to our second partner, Factory 40, we'll be able to hold this event in a super cosy working space. Looking for a coworking space? Search no further and take a look at their offers, they're awesome!

When ?

The event will last for more than 48 hours straight.

Start : The 31th of March 2017 at 19:00
End : The 2nd of April 2017 around 17:00

Don't forget that you also have the incredible chance of showing your game during the Bifff:

We strongly ask that each team will have at least one person on stage at the BIFFF and also to provide us with a video and screenshots of your prototype just after the jam.


Rules & Practical infos

FAQ & Update

Does this event require us to use Blender or other Open Source software ?
No, not at all. While it's true that one of our goals include the promotion of the Open Source philosophy, we don't restrict the tools you use.

Any question ?
Contact us via Eventbrite. We'll update this page regularly with new informations.

Spread the love (Share)

As with any event made by volunteers, spreading informations is vital and you can help us; Simply posting something on Facebook or Twitter would help tremendously. Thank you in advance!

Hashtag : #blendingjam17

We love them (Partners)

Factory Forty Bifff Screen.Brussels MIC Brussels MIC Brussels Interface 3 Isib Ludilab Hands can dance

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They are coming :

Thomas from team Panoptes was the first to join the call. Check Panoptic on Steam, his asymmetrical multiplayer game in VR.

Eloï Stree, our very best VR evangelist.

The whole Haunted Tie studio! Do you like Tower Fall Ascension ? Then check Domiverse, winner of the Thermian award for 'Best historical document'.

11 Game dev students from Interface 3, 2 from HEAJ and 3 from the HE2B, school of engineering.

And many more...